Unleashes the Beast

MotorcycleMonster.com “Unleashes the Beast” in Daytona

News Release

Lakeland, Florida 12-04-2007

Popular motorcyclist event website www.motorcyclemonster.com recently went public with their newest Motorcycle Monster character in Daytona Beach Florida. “The Motorcycle Monster” was unleashed at Biktoberfest in a test to see how the motorcycle public, and media would respond to such an outrageous beast. At over 6” Ft 7’ inches tall, this armor clad Yellow Biker caused such a stir on Main St., on the final Sat. of Biketoberfest, that police had to help with crowd control.

The man behind the beast, Dan Derringer, founder of the Motorcycle Monster idea over 5 years ago, said. “We wanted to test the market and see how bikers would respond. After an hour of chaos on Main St. , it was apparent that the Monster was a huge hit”. Derringer continued, “We not only stopped traffic on both the sidewalk and on Main St. excited enthusiasts bailed from bikes and cars to get a quick photo of the beast.” Derringer went on, “ we also realized very quickly that a creature like this probably could use some security when he hits the streets. It was wild and almost dangerous at times as excited party goers wanted their photo with The Monster”.

Since that short intro, in October, the Motorcycle Monster has appeared in over a hundred newspapers worldwide, according to a source at the AP, as a Daytona photographer made this popular shot available to the world. Newspapers like the China Post, Taipei Post, Lakeland Ledger, Daytona Journal and many members of the New York Times family of publications, picked up the photo..

Derringer said that his idea went over “much better than we had hoped”. He continued, “we have heard from folks from California, Minnesota, Key West to Sturgis wanting to have the Monster do personal appearances”. Dawn Sundean, manager for the Monster said, “Our main purpose was to promote our huge event site, but any activity motorcycle related is good for the Monster. We’re already having talks with several promoters. It’s all good”.

For questions contact, www.motorcyclemonster.com or call corporate offices

c/o MRA (Motorcycle Riders Association)
Attn: Dawn Sundean
947 South Florida Ave
Lakeland, Florida 33803
Phone 866-333-1829
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