Motorcycle Event Submission

  1. Event Submission is always FREE on the Motorcycle Monster.
  2. To Get your Event Prominent and to Speed up Event Approval you can copy and paste the code below to your event site or motorcycle related site. Then e-mail us with a link and the name & date of your event and we will make it a prominent part of our site.
  3. Events Submissions must have at least 2 forms of contact (which can include a combination of the following: e-mails, phone numbers, websites, a fax number and/or a contact name) to be added to our database.
  4. If an event information changes, needs to be added or an event is canceled let the monster know by using our event edit form.

Be as descriptive as possible when posting your event to the Motorcycle Events Calendar. The more information the better. People want to come to your event but they want to know what's going on! Hold nothing back!

Want more people to see your event?

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Event Title:
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Dates: - Thru - MM/DD/YYYY
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In order for us to submit any event you MUST provide at least 2 forms of Contact.
Your event will NOT be listed if there is no Contact Information.

Please do not use links to sites that require you to log in to access them. This includes private facebook pages.
E-Mail: Example:

Website: http://
Website 2: http://
Website 3: http://
Phone: Example: (555)555-5555

Vendor Info:

Want your Event to be Prominent?

1. Use the code below on your motorcycle realted site.
2. Paste your site's URL where you put the monster banner in the field below.
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