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Welcome to our Recipes Page and the magnificent world of motorcycles. We at the Motorcycle Monster are dedicated to becoming your all-around favorite site for all your motorcycle needs. This includes a motorcycle events calendar, motorcycle news, vlogs, articles, videos, a 24 hour radio, recipes and more! But why recipes on a motorcycle site? "Why not," is a far better question. Motorcycling is about the community and when one gets to share stories and eat with their fellow riders they better have a good meal! This is where our recipes page comes in. Not only will the Monster provide amazing recipes but the he will also bring a few ideas to those nomadic bikers for quick, easy, best of all safe products and cooking while on the road. So stay tuned, you'll never know what the Motorcycle Monster will come up with next!

Motorcycle Monster Waffles, Eggs and Fruit

(easy with a waffle iron)

If you have a large group of riders ready to get out on the highway and you have anything to do with getting them fed before the big ride, waffles with sausage or bacon is always a great and easy way to get them going in style and in a hurry. Add some fried eggs and you'll be the most popular guy/…

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Motorcycle Road Food

While traveling on the open road around this great land of ours one of the biggest challenge as members of the riding fraternity has always been how to get a decent meal by the roadside or better yet in the room at the Econo Lodge late after a long day in the saddle. For years riders have been banished to junk food like cookies, chips, sunflower seeds, or snack cakes. For the more accomplished…

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My Summer Vacation (with a french chef)

Recently the Motorcycle Monster was a guest, at the prestigious Osthoff Resort and Spa in Elkhart Wisconsin, of motorcycle insurance company Dairyland. The occasion was the AMA Super Bike Races, but an off day at the track presented an opportunity for the Monster to do something much more exciting than attending a motorcycle race. The resort offered guests an opportunity to spend an afternoon with…

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