The Wide-Open-Throttle and Banking Run

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Location: Melbourne, Florida
Ride Type: Street Ride
Distance: 13 Miles
Description: Scenery
The scenery is large open farm fields with cattle where you can see for miles. There is also an orchard that is passed and a quick part through the woods.

Road Quality
The road is extremely flat except for some of the turns that are wide banked turns. Overall, the road quality is safe or high speeds. I have seen no cops on this road. All vehicles have been trucks and you can go at very high speeds. Be careful though, at high speeds small indentations and elevation changes in the road can become dramatic. If your looking for wide banked S-curves where you can go 70 mph and long straight aways than this is your type of ride. (Caution: reminds you that speeding is dangerous and only you are responsible for how you drive).

Roadside Amenities
There are NO amenities. All you can see for miles are farm fields and the occasional vehicle.

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Start out in Melbourne, Florida. Go West of 192 for approximately 10 miles after crossing under I-95. Continue until you see a road called Deer Park Road on the right hand side of the highway. There will be a playground and baseball field at the turn. Make a right onto there and your free to cruise as fast as you like for about 10 miles until you hit Nova Road. At Nova Road, you can turn around and return through the ride again or make a right onto Nova Road and take that til you hit 520 where you can make a right and head East until I-95. From there you can head back south to Melbourne, FL.

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